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  • ElkArte - Just Installed!

Welcome to livemods!

LiveGallery, a simple and easy to use gallery addon for ElkArte, is available for purchasing here for $30. It includes the basic tools you'll need to build a library of photos on your website: albums, items (can be any type of file, not just images!), comments on said items, searches, and a page to view unseen items!

The design is responsive (I really don't like that buzzword), meaning that elements on the page adapt to different screen sizes (tablets, phones).

Gallery DemoScreenshots
  • requires PHP 5.5 and a recent MySQL (5.6?)
  • must be enabled in core features
  • No custom branding
  • License does not expire
  • Can be used on multiple sites
  • One year of free updates

Checkout is done on PayPal, and an account here is required to purchase.

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Transalate LiveGallery into your own language! You can post the results here in the forums.
Database schema (a reference for developers)

Post your feedback here! Maybe you'll think of something that has never crossed my mind.