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  • ElkArte - Just Installed!

Welcome to livemods!

LiveGallery, a simple and easy to use gallery addon for ElkArte, is available for purchasing here for $30. It includes the basic tools you'll need to build a library of photos on your website: albums, items (can be any type of file, not just images!), comments on said items, searches, and a page to view unseen items!

The design is responsive (I really don't like that buzzword), meaning that elements on the page adapt to different screen sizes (tablets, phones).

Gallery DemoScreenshots
  • requires PHP 5.5 and a recent MySQL (5.6?)
  • must be enabled in core features
  • No custom branding
  • License does not expire
  • Can be used on multiple sites
  • One year of free updates

Checkout is done on PayPal, and an account here is required to purchase.

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Transalate LiveGallery into your own language! You can post the results here in the forums.
Database schema (a reference for developers)

Post your feedback here! Maybe you'll think of something that has never crossed my mind.

xxLiveGallery v1.0.2 released

May 30, 2017, 11:40:55 PM by live627 | Views: 2587 | Comments: 0

Here's another batch of fixes for you guys.

The lightbox now fetches item details correctly
Image preview more clearly denotes what happens on click
Thumbnails now redirect the user to details page
Remove "Edit" and "Delete" buttons if user lacks required permission
Quotes and other BBC block style tags would overflow their container
Unseen items page was erroneously denied user access
Image preview now goes to full width on narrow viewports
Container for featured albums is now clearly labeled

To upgrade, just uninstall the old version and then install this one. No data will be lost.

xxCelebratory birthday discount

May 28, 2017, 10:04:02 PM by live627 | Views: 2776 | Comments: 0

A discount of 33% will be applied during the next thirty days to celebrate my birthday on June 28. No special code is necessary.

xxLiveGallery v1.0.1 released

May 25, 2017, 07:42:15 PM by live627 | Views: 2674 | Comments: 0

This fixes errors that manifested themselves in the error log.

Fixed incorrect paths resulting in many stat errors
Fixed file caching
Fixed file not found errors when trying to download
the box to check all groups affected too many child boxes
Empty group selection on adding/editing an album would log an error from array_keys()
Descriptions were parsed on the edit form
Fetching EXIF metadata could sometimes throw some undefined index warnings

To upgrade, just uninstall the old version and then install this one. No data will be lost.

Also, this update is in a new album within the gallery instead of a forum attachment. This is to show off how non-images are handled.